Cambodian Civil War


Book 3

 Travel back to the early 1970s, at a time when the USA was fully immersed in the Viet Nam war, and when the Khmer Rouge killed any Cambodian deemed to be an intellectual, as they tried to return to a Communist agrarian society. Friedrich and Mari (Teacher series Berlin Wall) along with new friend Vanna go back to this infamous time in history, searching for two children, fearing for all of their lives, trying to save a Tro and a Krapeu in order to bring their musical instruments back to the future, before the soulless Communists destroy every single one of the historic instruments. It is a harrowing trip for five children to avoid the threats to all of them. Will they be able to help Vanna’s countrymen to survive, and then to start the arduous trip back to education and modernity?

A sequel to the first two Teacher Of Time novels, this one tells the story of the Cambodian Civil War, which is often overlooked in the shadow of the Viet Nam war. Our intrepid time travelers once again utilize the portal in the Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum to help fellow musicians in a land that was devastated by educational cleansing, and is now on its way back into the twenty-first century with help from a Phoenix couple who fund a school in Cambodia. 

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