DonnaLea's Knight


 Barrel Racer DonnaLea Sedgewick has a barely dry Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in hand, and is about to start her new practice outside Calgary, Alberta, home of the world famous Calgary Stampede. She needs to win the Stampede’s $100,000 prize with her barrel racing palomino quarter horse, Knight’s Lady, in order to get her clinic operational and pay off student loans. Her aunt, her father and a gorgeous cowboy named Brooks, are all on her radar as potential clinic blockers, and the only one who wants to help is Uncle Jack. And then there’s Shep, an adorable four year old, who has stolen her heart. Too bad Brooks comes with the four year old, and too bad he seems bent on having Knight Ranch no matter what, and maybe even having DonnaLea at any cost, as well. It all adds up to the barrel racers’ creed: “Three Barrels, Two Hearts, One Passion!”