Theresienstadt Concentration Camp



Peter is a 20th Century History teacher, and Laurena teaches German at a small school which caters to gifted students, in today’s time.. Peter is troubled by debilitating headaches and flashbacks to a concentration camp in World War II. They start researching concentration camps for a key to his headaches.

In the course of their research, they discover a portal in time, which takes them back to Theresienstadt to try and solve the mystery. There they inhabit the minds of a camp commandant and a gifted pianist in an orchestra consisting of gifted Jewish musicians.

They need to find out why Peter is having flashbacks, before they are found out as imposters and shot. They also need to find out the secrets of the camp and its unfortunate inhabitants, in order to tell the world what actually happened there.

And above all, they need to get back to their own time, back through the portal, and learn whether they can be friends, lovers, or if they need to part forever, because of their shared history in the camp.

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