Waiting for The Crest


 2013 saw the once-in-a-lifetime flood of epic proportions in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The flooding occurred with a ‘perfect storm’ of events, which saw spring run off from the Rocky Mountains west of the city, coincide with heavy rains. The city is bisected by two large rivers, the Bow and the Elbow, and one or both rivers also run through Banff, Canmore, Bragg Creek, Cochrane and Exshaw. High River was flooded by the Sheep River. The crest of a flood is the high water mark, and once the crest is reached, flood water begins to recede.

The twenty-six stories here are representational and fictional, but are meant to show the emotions, frustrations, depression suffering, bravery, and thoughts of a variety of people affected by the widespread devastation.  In time for the holidays, or any time you want a sweet escape, five of these stories are from Mary Maxie, and the sixth, is a children's story given to me to publish, by my friend Sandra Stanton Cotey.

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